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For cash games? I tried card runners again after years and it was a mess. Over 4,000 videos now with no real way to make heads or tails. What site... Best Poker Training Sites 2019 - HowToPlayPokerInfo So you are searching for the best poker training site ... These reddit threads ... So there are the 7 best poker training sites 2019 by HowToPlayPokerInfo. Reddit Poker

Online poker training, poker strategies and courses brought to you by some of the worlds best players like Doug Polk, Ryan Fee, Pratyush Buddiga, Jake Abdalla, and Andres Artinano!

faq - poker - Reddit What are the best books on XYZ? What poker training sites are there? How good is the advice on this sub? What Poker related software do you recommend? I'm having a home game soon, what chip denominations should I use? What's the best way to deposit / withdraw funds on a poker site? General Poker Strategy; Continuation Betting Best offline poker training software? : poker - reddit Meanwhile, time spent reviewing hands is the best offline training technique I know of. By any reasonable definition HEM and PT are tools you can use offline to train poker, and the training you can do with them is way more useful than anything else out there. You seem to have either a bizarrely narrow definition of 'training' or of 'tool.' What's the best 90-day workout plan for becoming a poker Oct 03, 2011 · Take it online. The average live game will deal about 30 hands per hour. Over the course of three months you are likely to see just over 16,000 hands. This doesn't sound too shabby, until you take into account that an online room can average 100

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